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As an uncool whiteboy, normally I only start enjoying hippity hop songs 5-10 years after they come out, like NWA, or if they’re unimaginably vulgar, like Smell Yo Dick. But a couple days ago I heard the new 50 Cent track (track, that’s how people say it, right?) and it’s actually pretty damn tolerable.  I can totally picture myself rubbing my boner on some poor woman to this at the club, I thought to myself.  Anyway, news today is that 50, aka Curtis Jackson, is directing a Before I Self-Destruct movie to coincide with the release of his album of the same name later this year.

50 – real name Curtis Jackson – said: “It’s not Prince’s ‘Purple Rain,’ but it is inspired by the actual music.”
“When movies portray certain lifestyles they don’t show cause and effect, but I showed characters under pressure in scenarios where they felt like there were no other options, even though there were.”
The “In Da Club” singer is also working on the movie’s soundtrack, but bizarrely it won’t include any songs from the album Before I Self-Destruct as he doesn’t want the profits to be taken by his record company. [icelebz]

It’s true, you always have other options. It’s just that sometimes they’re hard to see.  Like, who knew that instead of going to school for like 18 years and becoming an assistant porn editor, you could’ve been writing rap albums and getting paid $100 million dollars for creating a flavor of Vitamin Water?  Dear Mom and Dad: I f-cking hate you.  Signed, Vince.

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