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Rarely pictured without his giant front-wheeled bicycle

As most of you know, Death Wish actor Charles Bronson is my second favorite Bronson, behind Pinchot. Less well known is that Charles Bronson is also a British prisoner, who named himself after the Death Wish actor. He’s been incarcerated since 1974, when he was jailed for stealing, according to the website for the upcoming film about his life, 26 pounds ($43).

Bronson’s sentence has been repeatedly extended and he has spent only three months out of custody. He has served 28 years of his time in prison in solitary confinement due to a number of hostage situations, rooftop protests, repeated attacks on prison staff and on other inmates. His dangerous behaviour has meant that he has spent time in over 120 different prisons. In 2000, he received a discretionary life sentence (with a three year tariff) for a hostage-taking incident. [Wikipedia]

From what I gather, this guy is kind of like the U.K.’s answer to Chopper – the kind of violent criminal children can look up to. He’s notorious for beating his mother to death with a tire iron, or as it’s known across the pond, “being cheeky.”

Slightly NWS on account of some split-second boobage around the 15-second mark

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