Trailer for Hall Pass, the latest from the Farrelly Brothers

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11.05.10 25 Comments

The Farrelly Brothers had an impressive string of movies I thought were really funny back in the 90s (Kingpin, Dumb and Dumber, Something About Mary, the script for the forgotten and underrated Outside Providence).   I’m not sure why their style of comedy doesn’t work anymore, exactly, but it’s hard to watch them try to force that same kind of movie past its sell-by date over and over again (Heartbreak Kid, anyone?).  Anyway, this one’s called Hall Pass, and it stars Owen Wilson and the eminently likable Jason Sudeikis as guys whose wives give them a week off from their marriage to do whatever they want.   They get so excited that they start eating pot brownies and wearing motorcycle helmets indoors like two 13-year-olds who’ve never heard of a prostitute.

[via Apple]

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