Trailer for that other Snow White movie

Hollywood’s pulling a Dante’s Peak/Volcano with us in early 2012 when it releases two Snow White movies within a few months of each other. Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman stars Charlize Theron as an evil queen who’s deathly jealous of Kristen Stewart’s beauty, which does tend to stretch the bounds of credulity. Meanwhile, Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror seems to be much less concerned with sword fighting and magic, and much more concerned with lavish costumes and foppish dandies. Julia Roberts plays the queen, jealous of ingenue Lily Collins, who, in addition to being Phil Collins daughter, has gnarliest eyebrows in all the land (she comes from a magical place called Armenia), and likes to rock out to Bollywood dance numbers. Soft rock royalty or not, mean old Julia isn’t about to be upstaged, so when Armie Hammer, the WASPiest prince in all of New Haven shows up, uh… some other stuff happens. Like with dwarves and junk. Exciting!

Snow White!

Snow Who?

Snow Way!

That should really be the tagline.

[HD available at Yahoo. Opens March 16]

(if you can’t watch the above embed for some reason, here’s a YouTube copy)