Trailer for Werner Herzog’s ‘Men with Accents in Caves’

It’s already played to the Toronto Film Festival, but finally we have the first trailer for Werner Herzog’s 3D documentary about cave paintings, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, the most perfect euphemism for your mom’s vag since The Hurt Locker.  That’s right, a 3D doc about cave paintings (achtung! mein spelunkinzeit!).  Herzog shot the entire thing with cold lights and a three-man crew, part of the conditions for being allowed to shoot inside the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc in Southern France.  As quoted in the LA Times [via ThePlaylist]:

“It was important to capture the intentions of the painters. Once you saw the crazy niches and bulges and rock pendants in the walls, it was obvious it had to be in 3-D.”

He goes on in the article to say that “Avatar” was difficult for him to follow and that romantic comedies should never be in 3D because it takes away from the emotionality of the film. Although his dabbling in 3D might seem surprising, Herzog took a laissez-faire approach to the format saying, “Let’s deal with 3-D as if we had 30 or 40 years of history behind us. We should be completely casual, as if we weren’t trying to impress everyone with the scope of it.”

It stills seems to be a film largely about cave paintings, but I assume that’s good, as it leaves plenty of room for Herzog’s calling card, INTENSE TEUTONIC VOICE OVER!

“I see za cave ast mein natural environment — I do not like za feelink uff za sun on mein shkin or mein celluloid.  I feel zee eentense kinship veez da caveman.  For him, he draw za horse, za elephant, za rhino, za bear, za bird, za fish, za sabah tooss tigah, to honor za great beast he haff killed za day before, oont now feast on za carcass, oont draw za image usink za charred bones uff zat very same beast.  For Herzog, eez seemilar feelink veez za documentary subject, for whom Herzog sharpen za spear uff poetry, oont plunge eento za soft belly, oont now allow za viewer to feast upon za rotting innards, veez teeth gnashing, oont hands bloody, oont eyes filled veez nuzzink but za cold eendeeference of nature.  Eez poetry.  Eez beautiful. “

IFC Films’ Sundance Selects will be releasing the film later this year.