The 5th ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer has explosions and… Jesus?

Today, courtesy of Nokia (I don’t really know what that means but it says it on the trailer), we have the fifth, and hopefully final trailer for Man of Steel. STOP RELEASING TRAILERS, MAN OF STEEL! I ALREADY SAID I WANT TO SEE YOU! We’ll still have to wait a week, incidentally, as it opens June 14th in the US.

I was sold after the trailer with the Russell Crowe voiceover and the soaring music. It was nice because it was a slow build. It let my anticipation grow organically without throwing a bunch of explosions and crap at my face. Not that this new one is a terrible trailer, but it’s definitely more traditional in the bunch-of-shit-flying-at-your-face department. It’s like they saved all the explosions (and skulls!) for this one. Though I did appreciate Superman liver punching Zod into a planet. That was good times.

Also, I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but did I see a Christ pose in there?

God. Dammit. There is no shittier, more played out, half-assed “allusion” than the Jesus reference in your epic action movie. OH, I GET IT, BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A TRAGIC MARTYR. Seriously, if you’re writing a film about a protagonist with special powers who has to save the world and you’re tempted to reference Jesus somehow? Please, just jam the pencil into your eye. That way, your movie won’t have the lame, completely uninsightful Jesus reference that’s been done 12 jillion times already, and it will have been written by a dude in an eyepatch, which is like instant cachet.


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