TRAILER: Crime is legal for one day a year in ‘Purge’

What if unemployment was 1% and crime was at an all-time low, all because all crime was legal for one day a year? That’s the question posed by The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey (aka Cersei Lannister), written and directed by James DeMonaco (Jack, The Negotiator, Assault on Precinct 13). Would all the chardonnay parties and white people in handsome sweaters still be worth it if some guys in masks showed up at your tract home and tried to kill a black guy? HUH, WOULD IT, HITLER? Wait, wait… so people only commit crimes because they have anger and evil inside them that needs to be purged? And this could be solved by getting it out of their system once a year? If you murder someone, do you automatically get their job? Is that how the employment system works in this world? Otherwise why is unemployment so low? That doesn’t seem like it would work for engineers and doctors and stuff. Also, if crime is legal that day why do they need spooky masks?

This seems like it’s going to require a dizzying number of logic leaps. I mean LONG HAIR on a BOY? I don’t see it.