Trailer: RZA directs Russell Crowe in "Man with the Iron Fists"

A dirty little secret of this blogging game is that I can’t post every single trailer I come across. But when I get an email saying “RZA’s directorial debut is a martial arts epic set in 19th century China and co-starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu,” you better believe it’s going up post-haste. Also, this banner image is RZA punching out a guy’s eyeball. Yep, that happened.

Co-written by Eli Roth and starring Jamie Chung from Sucker Punch in a supporting role, it’s hard to predict where on the ridiculous/awesome – ridiculous/stupid spectrum this is going to fall. It’s actually pretty hard to find that balance. I don’t know much about RZA’s directing skills, but he was awesome in Funny People. He might be the best actor in the Wu Tang. Regardless, I’ll definitely be seeing this. I just feel bad for the makeup girl. Just imagine having to clean buffalo sauce off Russell Crowe’s fancy mustache between every take. The Man with the Iron Stomach, they called him.


“You call that a knoife? That’s not a knoife. THIS is a knoife.” (*Russell Crowe’s knife spins around*)