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01.19.10 9 Comments

I give Transfomers 2 a lot crap for bad visual effects, because I think part of visual effects should involve, you know, being able to tell what the hell is going on.  Nonetheless, some of the sound effects were pretty cool, and in this video, the sound editing team takes you into their process.  I recommend fast-forwarding to about 1:30 to get straight to the technical stuff and cut down on the amount of faux-profound, pretentious philosophizing you’ll have to hear.  You know, stuff like:

“Sound editing, it’s really a process of finding the soul of these characters, you know?”

That’s deep, brah.  Hey, you know those hip hop robots who couldn’t read? I was really struck by how much soul they had.  Flavuh, one might even say.

FUN FACT: Boom mike operators love Michael Bay because he signs all his emails: “BOOM! -Mike.”

[Boing Boing via /Film]

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