Kareem Abdul-Jabbar And Robert Hays Reunited For An 'Airplane!'-Themed Commercial

Senior Writer
03.03.14 5 Comments

Apparently there are some lovely summers to be enjoyed in the fine state of Wisconsin. At least that’s what the folks at Travel Wisconsin are trying to tell us with a creative new television ad that resurrects one of the funniest movies ever made, Airplane!. In the new spot, actor Robert Hays and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reunite in the cockpit to rehash some of the 1980 film’s classic bits, and it’s certainly a nice reminder to stop whatever the hell it is you’re doing and watch Airplane!. If anything, just watch Leslie Nielsen’s parts to remember his comedic brilliance.

The ad is also interesting because it allows Abdul-Jabbar to dig up painful ancient history for Milwaukee Bucks fans, as he openly wonders why he ever left Wisconsin in the first place. It’s okay Bucks fans, things have been… I’ve got nothing. Sorry, Bucks fans.

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