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09.17.09 17 Comments

Taken I guess was sort of fun at times if you didn’t mind the plot being stolen from a Law & Order episode.   From Paris with Love is director Pierre Morel’s follow up, a buddy-cop movie starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.  Again, it’s pretty much Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, and Training Day thrown into a blender and covered with bechamel sauce, but it could be delightfully stupid, especially with John Travolta playing the butchest straight-guy caricature since Wolverine.  WHATSA MATTER, DONCHOO FAGGOTS LIKE FOOTBALL?? WHO WANTS A HEADBUTT!!  SlashFilm says:

Travolta seems very well employed here, in a role that plays to his strengths superbly. I’m hoping he has a little dance sequence too, as a cherry on the cheesecake.

Yes, some singing and dancing would really be the chenille on my throw pillow, the glitter on my sparklepony, the tassels on my nipple clamps.  Anyway, let me know if I ever start writing like that so I can kick my own ass.

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