TREND WATCH: Cholombian Sideburns are my new favorite (Links)

Much like they did with the Mexican Pointy Boot phenomenon, Vice brings us news of the “Cholombian” subculture of Monterrey, and more importantly, pictures of their mega-sick sideburns. Finally I don’t have to worry about trying to grow them from my face!|Vice|

Do you like sharing silly pictures and crap? Check out this new app a friend of mine started. (IT’S FREE!) I know some handsome fellas like Burnsy and I are already using it. If you like pictures I take of rape vans, this is a good place to find them. |Crowdfail|

This Week in Posters: Battleships, Ghost Riders, & Spider-Men |Film Drunk|

The 10 Freakiest Commercials of 2011 |Warming Glow|

The Robert Downey Jr. Acting Venn Diagram |UPROXX|

Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 15 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2011 Black List |Gamma Squad|

Waka Flocka On Wiz Khalifa’s Success: “All Hype” |Smoking Section|

The 45 Best Mugshots Of 2011 |Buzzfeed|

Lindsay Lohan bails on “contractually obligated” Ellen interview. |TheSuperficial|

German guy attempts to hold many mugs of beer, fails. |Videogum|

11 offbeat holidays you still have time to celebrate. |MentalFloss|

Time’s person of the year: “the protestor.” |TheDailyWhat|

9 insane celebrity political endorsements. |ScreenJunkies|

Derek Jeter gives sports memorabilia to ladies he bangs. |HolyTaco|

Ashley is your bikini skank of the day, or whatever we’re calling this. |GorillaMask|

Seanbaby’s Library of a Madman – Invisibility & Levitation |Adult Swim|

A Gallery of Classic 8-Bit Mashups from Drew Wise |Unreality|

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