Parkour Dog is like a jacked Mountain Goat with 'tude

It was October 2010 when we were first introduced to Tret the Parkour Dog, but we remember it like it was yesterday, the way the super jacked Staffordshire Terrier mauled its way into our hearts like that. Tret’s owner recently released a new video, but it was Tret who did most of the owning, hurdling cars, climbing up sheer rock walls, and generally making all obstacles his kennel bitch. It’s like he’s been doing nothing but eating Jack Links and chugging Xience energy drinks for the last two years (XXXTREME NUTRITION FOR XXTREME DOGS! TICK TICK TICK… WOOF!). Tret follows cats up trees and switches to hawk when he gets bored of the taste.

So when do we get a movie about Tret? We’ve got a parkour-based Oliver Twist coming from Red Bull and an NYC-set parkour movie starring Taylor Lautner, but I’ll take dog parkour (barkour!) over llama parkour any day.

[via AB4G]