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08.27.08 164 Comments

So remember Rain of Madness, that whole “making of” mockumentary on Tropic Thunder? I mean, not about, like, the actual Tropic Thunder, but the movie within the movie, which is also called Tropic Thunder? If that didn’t give you an aneurysm, today’s news is that you can watch Rain of Madness free on iTunes. All you have to do is register with iTunes and promise to sign your name on the devil’s cock with baby tears or whatever else is in their terms and conditions that no one reads.

The fake director is a German guy named Jan Jürgen, a cutesy parody of Werner Herzog and his intense existential voice overs in Grizzly Man. Jürgen is played by Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux (who’s also been hired to write Iron Man 2). I haven’t watched the whole thing, but it looks like it could be interesting. Or maybe Tom Cruise just dicks around in a fat suit and everyone raves about his ability to wear makeup. Find out for yourself!  Spin the magic wheel of chance!  *speeds away on unicycle*

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