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10.27.08 17 Comments

If you’re not a stoned frat guy from Santa Barbara, you may not have realized that Boondock Saints is the best movie ever.  But don’t worry if you missed the boat the first time, because the sequel is on its way.  Not only that, self-appointed super genius Troy Duffy is video blogging the entire process (the T-Dog V-Log?).  He’s a little hard to understand, because he seems to communicate in some sort of dickweedian shorthand.

“Day f-ckin 4.  It’s Fight Night.  Today we’re at full f-ckin Boondock.  Yesterday was a dream come true, alright, fine, I been waitin for that.  3 shot.  Romeo, and the brothers, our new f-ckin Saints lineup, right, for 10 years. Had a little bit of a sniffly moment there, in between the middle of the take.”

Yeah, I didn’t really understand that.  Maybe re-shoot it in super slow-mo with some Catholic imagery?  Anyway, Troy’s got a whole series of these.  Here’s one where he says they’ve got a Boondock Saints video game and a graphic novel series coming out.  Boy, I can’t wait.  Irish guys, guns and pennies, okay good.  Ezekial, 52 pick-up, got a bit of a hard on, cut.  Storyboard, I’m important, let’s print it.  Squibs, light meter f-ckin pissed my pants last night. Willem Dafoe balcony seizures, Massachusetts.  Party time.  Best boy, gaffer, gay crush.  Feelin f-ckin misty.

[via /Film]

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