Turkish Professors Are Way Cooler

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01.11.11 17 Comments

Students and teachers at Bilgi University in Constantinople Istanbul are protesting the firing of three film professors after it was discovered that they allowed a student to film a porno as his thesis. The student, Deniz Ozgun, told his professors that his intention was to show that pornographic films “are also professional productions which simulate the look of an amateur, individual and/or homemade movies” and his professors agreed under the stipulation that he provide a “stronger intellectual point.” And he failed.

Ozgun eventually received a passing grade for the semester and he graduated, but he has now gone into hiding because of the scandal. Meanwhile, the professors’ peers are fighting for their reinstatement under the anthem of educational freedom. I think the dudes should get their jobs back just because they sound pretty cool. But to each his own.

Hey hey, ho ho, this penis party has got to stay, AOL News

“Our main issue for the moment is problem of the academic freedom and civilized ways of dealing with abuses,” Nesin said. “Academic freedom is not about being allowed to drink coffee in one’s office. It is about being able to do research and to work on controversial issues. Academic freedom encompasses also possible judgment errors and mistakes.”

And academic freedom is also about letting a student showcase his ability to prove that the reverse-cowgirl-to-London-Bridge-to-piledriver can be featured in a professional manner.

But I think it’s clear that this film lacked maturity and the very professional nature that Deniz promised his professors because it only had two people. I’m sorry, but if my college professors gave me permission to make a porn, that thing is going to have at least six girls, some fireworks, an old man yelling obscenities, two Amish teenagers building a house around them, an oversized mouse trap with an autographed copy of Disorderlies in the middle, a piñata filled with scorpions and a velvet portrait of Don Swayze. A-f*cking-plus, son.

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