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11.30.07 43 Comments

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind that Patrick Dempsey is every bit as manly as bare knuckle boxer Jack Dempsey, CinemaBlend today has an article with the headline "Dempsey Got Depressed While Filming Enchanted." 

Actor Patrick Dempsey suffered depression on the set of his new movie Enchanted – because he felt desperately out of his depth making a semi-animated movie. The Grey’s Anatomy star struggled acting alongside imaginary creatures, and doubted his acting abilities for the first time in his career. He says, "It was a real challenge. There’s a scene where birds are coming in, and I’m reacting: `Was it big enough or is it too big?’ 

Oh Patrick, that’s a question I’ve often asked myself. I’ve found that the answer is, "Oh, haha, you’re kidding, right?" 

"I’d go home and be completely depressed because I was like, `Am I making this movie work?’ It was like, `Please just let me go back to Grey’s Anatomy.’"

Gosh, you poor dear.  I have just the solution: look to your right – it was the first result of a google image search for "Magic Rainbow Pony".  With Magic Rainbow Pony on the case, you can’t possibly be sad!  [Thanks to the always huggable Mikael for the tip] 

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