Twihards Go Crazy for Implied Rough Vampire Sex

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11.29.10 27 Comments

As a Thanksgiving present, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon shared the above picture on Twitter, the first picture from the movie version of Breaking Dawn, the last chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s shirtless dude-filled abstinence parable.
Without context, it’s hard to know what the hell it is.  But history tells us that Breaking Dawn is the book where Edward and Bella get married and go snorkeling in Brazil for their honeymoon, and since they’re married and can finally bang (the institution of marriage being very important to 110-year-old vampires), they finally have sex, and Edward’s super-vampire-powered crotch thrusts break the bed and knock Bella unconscious.  (The “Dawn” in the title presumably refers to Bella’s hymen).  Ergo, the above picture is most likely an unconscious Bella holding a handful of feathers from when Edward destroyed her bed and vagina. See how much hotter the sex is if you wait, sinner?  Reactions from the Twihards included:

THIS is soooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I can’t wait!!! Where are the bruises??
I can’t wait to see this scene and all honeymoon scenes!!
omg !!!! thanks for this………ahhhhhhhhhhhh
OMG!!!!!!!!!! thank you SO MUCH! GOD! :P it’s just perfect!!!! thanks thanks thanks! :D
I seriously screamed when i saw this , OMT  [Oh My Twilight? –Ed.]
were are the bruises?
OMG!!!! that’s is amazing !! we need that pillows
OMG! OMG! Bill you have NO idea what you are doing to us *SCREAM**SCREAM* I. CAN’T. WAIT.

You’ll have to excuse their excitement, it’s just that few of them have ever seen a bed not covered in cat fur.  I just hope someone makes me a felt Bella hymen to match my womb.

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