Twilight director will probably direct Wolverine 2

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08.20.10 28 Comments

It’s Friday, so I broke some stories into spicy, bite-sized nuggets.

Twilight Eclipse director David Slade is the leading candidate to direct Wolverine 2. According Vulture, it’s down to Slade or Flightplan/Time Traveler’s Wife director Robert Schwentke (and this guy still gets work why?).  Hugh Jackman will make the final decision after he meets with them next week. “A well-placed source inside the production insists, ‘It’s going to be Slade.'”  I’m guessing Slade will spend most of this week on the phone saying, “Yeah, sure, Hugh, I could definitely see Wolverine exploring his love of musical theater, great idea.” |Vulture|

Carla Gugino in negotiations to star in MILF. …Which stands for “Mothers I’d Like to Fight” — “a revenge story about a woman who, recently released from prison, returns to the street to take care of some unfinished business.”  Speaking of unfinished business, it looks like I’ve got some of my own.  I came here to chew bubble gum and wank dismissively, and I’m all out of bubble gum. |LATimes|

A guy committed suicide at a Swell Season show last night. Swell Season is the folk rock duo of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from that movie Once, and at a show last night in Saratoga, CA, a guy climbed onto the roof three stories above the stage and jumped just as the band was finishing a song, landing three feet from Hansard. Their music isn’t really my cup of tea, but Glen Hansard once said something nice about FilmDrunk on Twitter, so I won’t make the obvious joke here. Anyway, it’s a sad story, and I can only hope Olivia Munn doesn’t do any live readings of her book so it doesn’t get repeated. |SFWeekly|

Girls Gone Wild Founder Joe Francis threatens Piranha 3D.  Joe Francis doesn’t like Jerry O’Connell playing a thinly-veiled version of him in Piranha 3D, so he did what he always does, which is whine like a little bitch and call his lawyer. You know, I don’t think someone can defame your character when everyone already thinks you’re a worthless, slimy, d*cklicker who should jump in a volcano.  |THREsq|

In non-movie-related news, this guy got arrested for attempted rape, then tried to get his jack on in the interrogation room.

When police left Moorman in a police interrogation room he reportedly blocked the door with his chair, pulled out his penis and began to masturbate. When police ordered him to stop they say he covered himself but continued to stroke his penis through his pants. Police say he continued the fondling throughout the interview.

Objection, your honor.  My client had blue balls, and as we learned in the case of Blue Balls vs. Finley, blue balls are blue balls.  You try getting interrupted mid-rape.

Incidentally, I think this would’ve made the interrogation scene in The Dark Knight waaaay better. |HipHopWired|

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