07.28.08 10 years ago 53 Comments

Some footage from the Dawson’s Crypt panel at Comic-Con has showed up online (more on Twilight fans here).  It’s basically four minutes of abstinence-parable fans screaming their lungs out.  The stars and their stupid hair sort of try to answer questions, but the audience pretty much drowns out anything they say with their screams.  This kind of fan reaction has been around since Elvis, and I’ve never quite understood it.  OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU!  I’M GOING TO YELL SO LOUD THAT NO ONE CAN HEAR ANYTHING YOU SAY!!!! AAAAAIIIIEEEGGGGGHHHH!  AIIIIEEEEEGGGHHH!

AIIIIEEEEEGGGHHH is the sound that love makes, apparently.

[Check out the clip at Empire

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