Twinsies! Here’s Michael Douglas And His Stunt Double Of 26 Years

In Behind the Candelabra, Michael Douglas played a man, who, according to the movie, embarks on a long-term relationship with another man who he pressures into getting plastic surgery to look more like him. It sounds like something only a complete sociopath would do, but then you see pictures of actors with their long-time stunt doubles and realize that relationship can’t be that far off, hangin’ out with your best bro who also gets paid to look like you. Michael Douglas posted this picture with his stunt double, Mike Runyard, on Facebook, to commemorate their work on Ant-Man.

Finished my last days on Ant-Man this weekend. Had a great time, a new experience with all these blue screens!

These are some photos of myself and Mike Runyard, my stuntman and golfing buddy for the for the last 26 years, including films like Black Rain and The Game.

Aren’t they adorable? You can just imagine them going everywhere together and being best friends, wearing the same clothes, riding a tandem bicycle together, eating ice cream cones at the fair while they high five each other and laugh and laugh. “You’re the best, Mike!” “No, Mike, you’re the best! Ha ha ha JINX, now we have to kiss!”

Still, you have to wonder how effective a stunt double is in this case when he’s almost the same age. “Michael Douglas is too fragile for this shot – quick, get another 65-year-old man!”

You think M-Doug ever tagged in M-Runs when he was about to go muff divin’? When he was about to get earlobes deep in some love pie? Not enough, apparently. Who knew that would turn out to be the most dangerous stunt he ever performed? That’s why I always wear a cape when I do it.