Twitter Has Finally Had Enough Of Nikki Finke

08.15.12 6 years ago

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Last week, David Poland of The Hot Blog Tweeted that cantankerous, self-imposed ruler of all things Hollywood Nikki Finke had been sending him threats via email because he retweeted an account that parodied her. Poland, joining a recent trend, basically said that he didn’t give a crap and that Finke could go romance herself, to put it nicely. Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the parody account has finally been shut down, probably because it didn’t clearly define itself as parody, thus violating Twitter’s impersonation policies.

As an added bonus, the real Finke’s Twitter account was also briefly suspended, which must have caused the reclusive industry insider to gut quite a few hobos in anger. At the same time, according to Vulture, the anonymous person behind @NIKKIFINKE was also upset.

Over at @Not_NikkiFinke, someone claiming to be the original parody account holder writes, “Twitter suspended the account without notifying me. And I never heard once from Finke or anyone at PMC.” Apocalypse Nikki, indeed.

That’s because Twitter doesn’t have to notify a person if his account violates impersonation policies. Twitter is completely fine with parody accounts – judging by the 8 million “Not” and “Faux” accounts that aren’t actually parodies – but the accounts need to be easily identifiable as parody so that morons don’t confuse it with the real person. A certain Baby Goose taught me that.

The parody account in question had a bio that merely read “Mostly I want to see how long it takes until Nikki Finke threatens me with a lawsuit” and that doesn’t qualify as parody. But don’t let that stop you from getting back on that horse, anonymous button-pusher, because none of us will be happy until Finke is completely humbled and reduced to this…

(H/T to RoboPanda.)

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