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   Sorry if I just spoiled “The Dark Knight” for you.

The Ministers is yet another “inspired by true events” crime story set in New York.  That’s amazing.  Almost no movie or TV show ever fits that descript–*record scratch* Two John Leguizamos?  Okay, I’m listening . . .

John Leguizamo gives a tour-de-force performance as fanatical vigilante twins, hell-bent to exact revenge for the death of their parents and brother. But their plans become undone when one of the twins becomes involved with a beautiful police detective investigating a series of murders. [Ed.- Of course he does.] “The Ministers” features Harvey Keitel [Ed.- Of course it does.], as senior detective Joe Bruno, who takes police detective Celeste Santana under his wing. [Ed.- Of course he does.] Celeste (played with deep emotional range by Florencia Lozano) links the recent murders with the murder of her police detective father. [Ed.- Of course she does.] Celeste’s investigation and the twins’ vigilante actions begin to converge. [Ed.- Of course they do.] Detective Santana is restrained by her chief, [Ed.- Of course she is.] Captain Diaz (Wanda De Jesus). But the will to solve these crimes and find the link to the death of her father is too great and leads to an inevitable confrontation with the twins. [Ed.- Of course it does.] [LatinoReview]

This movie is every cop drama ever, but with two John Leguizamos.  I can’t handle it.  I’m turning in my badge and my gun.

~ robopanda

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