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03.15.10 23 Comments

Robert Rodriguez showed off a two-minute sneak preview of Predators at SXSW recently, and now it’s online.  Rodriguez produced, but the directing work was actually done by Nimrod Antal.  We get to see a couple new things from the new version, namely a new Predator guy with an arm-knife dealie, a triceratops thing, and a disturbing lack of mega-jacked army dudes.  Who are these slack-jawed f*ggots?  Pff, next you’ll try tell me that having 24-inch biceps doesn’t help you shoot guns better.  Whatever, dude.  Also, is it just me, or has Laurence Fishburne has been on the Luke Wilson fat face diet?

“Take the blue pill, Morpheus, it will suppress your appetite.”

Opens July 9th. [via /Film]

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