Tyler Perry fans threaten to boycott over Kim Kardashian

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11.09.11 32 Comments

In a stunning and unprecedented display of good taste, fans of Tyler Perry have threatened to boycott the cross-dressing schmaltz-peddler’s latest film, The Marriage Counselor, over his decision to cast Kim Kardashian, the patron saint of sham weddings. It seems many of Perry’s fans are good Christian folk, and object to him feeding yet more fame to a vile succubus whose giant vulgar ass the devil put on Earth to lead good black athletes unto temptation. Either that or they’re just jealous.

Some comments from his website:

“Mr. Perry as much as we the middle class black folks love u!!! I have made my mind up on your next movie. Me and my wife and children will NOT be supporting you on this one. You are way to classy to have this un-talented lady name Kim Kardashian in your film, She only uses our black brothers for money,sex!!!!! What kind of role model is she and again sir WHY??? All the black actresses out there needing work and you choose this negitive person how sad.”

Dear Mr. Perry: I am a HUGE fan (and believe me when I say that). I, like many of your other fans am so disappointed that you chose Kim Kardashian to be in one of your movies. There are so many talents out there just waiting for an opportunity that needs the work (and money) desperately! Kim needs neither. The only thing she’s known for is s*x and being money hungry. She has absolutely no substance or character to herself.”

Seriously? You had to censor “sex?” I suppose you can never be too careful. Meanwhile, this was by far my favorite comment:

“Please remove Kim K from the cast! I will not support you casting this cumbucket in your film.”

Aw man, if there’s a better insult than “cumbucket,” I don’t know what it is.

For his part, Perry is standing by his decision, telling TMZ that “She is scheduled to work as planned.” His fans won’t be happy, but then again, what would Jesus do? He probably wouldn’t abandon Mary Magdalene just because she got peed on by Brandy’s brother and then sold the video. Kardashian also looks to be a lock for Perry’s next film, “For Cumbuckets Who’ve Considered Marriage When the Sex Tape is Enuf.”

[via HuffPo]

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