Is Tyler Perry the least cool black guy on Earth?

Senior Editor
03.24.11 18 Comments

I get so many press releases, posters, and assorted crap for Tyler Perry’s movies that when I see emails with his name in the subject line, I usually ignore them faster than chain forwards from my mom.  But when I do open one, I’m always impressed that they can still surprise me with their suckiness, even when I already know full well that they’re going to suck mega super duper hard.

For instance, here’s a new poster for Madea’s Big Happy Family which manages to outlame even Seltzer-Friedberg for unfunny referencing. Get it?  “Georgia Shore”?  Like Jersey Shore?  Because Tyler Perry is dressed like Snooki? iPods? MTV? Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog? Is anyone still paying attention to me?

My God, Tyler Perry must be the least cool black guy on planet Earth.  Everything he does is like watching Dan Quayle read Ice T lyrics.

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