Tyler Perry’s new movie sounds real Tyler Perry-y

A few weeks ago, I laid out my thesis that Tyler Perry is the least cool black guy on Earth, as his attempts at parody are like watching Dan Quayle read Ice-T lyrics.  Today we’ve got some information on Perry’s next project, and although this time around there aren’t any posters parodying pop-culture, the synopsis itself is like a poster for self-parody.  Jesus, I think I even confused myself with that sentence.  Anyway:

Thandie Newton is set to re-team with her “For Colored Girls” director Tyler Perry on Lionsgate’s romantic drama “Good Deeds.”

Waaaaaait for it….

Perry stars as Glen Deeds, an affluent and successful entrepreneur who’s about to get married when he becomes enamored by a down-on-her-luck single mom, who will be played by Newton. [Variety]

GLEN DEEDS!  A “good” Deeds who does “good deeds!” Why, it’s a multi-level, double entendre title the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Good Will Hunting, or Tango & Cash!  Co-starring Thandie Newton as, and I’m only guessing here, “Poverty Temptation.”