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04.10.09 23 Comments

The Ugly Truth is about a chauvinist type (Gerard Butler) with a TV show dedicated to telling women “the ugly truth” about what men want. Katherine Heigl is his feminist producer. Guess what happens.  Strangely enough, it’s almost the exact same concept as Vh-1’s Tough Love.  Now, I’m not saying that one of these came first or that someone’s idea got stolen, all I’m saying is that a special-needs chimp could’ve pulled this premise out of a rom-com lottery ball machine, and that chimp has a really good job at Fox.  (Okay, to be fair, it isn’t a Fox movie, but that was only because the Fox execs couldn’t understand the poster).

You want my impression of this movie?  Just look at these pictures back and forth really fast for two hours.  WOMEN BE SHOPPIN’!

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