Uma Thurman movie debuts to 11 viewers

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03.29.10 26 Comments

I always liked Uma Thurman, and not just because she has huge boobs (even Oprah agrees).  Okay, well it’s mostly that, but still, it’d be much nicer if this story about only 11 people seeing her new movie, Motherhood, was about Nia Vardalos or someone instead.

Motherhood managed to gross £9 from the lone viewer who turned up on the debut Sunday. Takings for the full weekend hit £88. The figures mean the film outflopped even its dismal performance in America, where it took just over £40,000 ($93,000) when it opened last September.  Kill Bill 2, by contrast, one of Thurman’s greatest hits, made £14.2m in America on its opening weekend in 2004 [thanks for the comparison, guys].

Barry Norman, the critic, said it was “astonishing” that only 11 people could be bothered to go and see a film starring Thurman. “The reviews were very poor indeed but that alone isn’t enough to explain it.” [TimesOnline]

There’s a quote for the DVD jacket.  “Well, yeah, it definitely sucked, but I mean, like… other stuff has sucked way more.”  -Barry Norman. Anyway, I’d feel worse for this movie failing so miserably, but the director appears to be some sort of dark sorceress, so perhaps it’s for the best.

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