09.13.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

Uwe Boll, still using the email address UBoll40163@aol.com and still refusing to fight me, has bought the rights to yet another video game, the unreleased action role playing game Legend: Hand of God.

“I think Legend will be very successful because of its unique blend of high fantasy and dark atmosphere. The world of Legend contains major crossover potential and was already adapted as novel and audio book” says Boll from the set of Far Cry, which he currently works on in Vancouver with Til Schweiger, Ralf Möller and Udo Kier. 

Now, putting everything you know about Uwe Boll aside, what kind of asshole finds a niche in making video game movies?  Not only that, he's buying the rights to an unreleased video game?  Look, I'm not saying movies based on video games are stupid… nevermind, I am saying that.  They're made for people who like American Idol and WWE.  

All I'm saying is, 10 years ago, this asshole would've been making a movie about pogs.   

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