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After my post about Brett Ratner yesterday, a writer from Verbicide Magazine named Sean Collier emailed me to tell me about an interview he’d recently done with Uwe Boll, in which Boll had, unprompted, decided to out Brett Ratner on his love of hookers. 

"I see the real world and I know exactly what’s going on. I’m responsible for the result, but I’m also responsible for the money and my investors. I’m the dream director of every studio because I will not go over budget. The fact that I can raise money on my own is viewed as a negative by the studios. They would prefer desperate directors represented by sleazy agents. There is a reason why 80% of the studio movies are not [making their money back.] Nobody in Europe wants to see movies like Fred Claus, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, etc. – the European audiences don’t want to support films made by a Hollywood buddy system that’s been generated by breakfast and lunch meetings, drinks, drugs, corruption and illusions. The Hollywood system doesn’t care about the owners or stockholders – they care about their connections in their small L.A. world. I shot Alone in the Dark in Vancouver while they shot an X-Men movie in the same studio. Nobody was working [on X-Men] half the time. Everyone seemed bored. The director was hanging out with hookers. I could shoot a movie like X-Men and re-create, shot by shot, the same movie for 70% of the money that was spent on that film." 

It would seem they were nice enough to clean up the broken English in which Boll’s been known to communicate.  Other than that, dare I say it, he actually sounds like he’s making a decent point.  But wait!  A sourced Wikipedia article claims X-3 was shot from August 2005 – January 2006, while Alone in the Dark came out in January 2005, meaning Boll couldn’t have been shooting in the same building without the aid of a time machine.  But I don’t want to give up this image of Brett Ratner as a hooker-loving, half-assed movie director.  Can we really put the time machine thing past Uwe Boll?  I say no.  In fact, this story should be called Uwe Boll Catches Brett Ratner Paying for Hookers Thanks to Time Machine (PCP). (Verbicide article will be up on their site later this week, and in the next print edition).

UPDATE: Regarding the discrepancy, the interviewer writes: The only thing I can think of is that he’s actually talking about House of the Dead and X-Men 2 rather than Alone in the Dark and X-3, thus implicating Bryan Singer in the hooker scandal; both [House of the Dead and X-2] came out in 2003, and both were at least partially filmed in Vancouver.  Sadly, this makes more sense – I’ve been sent similar rumors regarding Singer and the X-2 shoot before. 

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