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04.21.09 13 Comments

If the trailer for Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl looks familiar, that’s because it comes from director/special-effects guy Yoshihiro Nishimura, of Tokyo Gore Police/Samurai Princess fame.  This time it’s like he isn’t even trying.  The whole trailer is just constant blood spurting, exploding heads, and assorted weirdness, like a girl with a herpe on her lip.  It looks like the Japanese answer to Seltzer-Friedberg.  Which is a shame, because when I hear a movie called Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl I expect coherent storytelling.

Also, what the hell is this supposed to be?  Blackface is one thing, but giant prosthetic lips and a big flat nose is taking it a step too far. I learned that at sensitivity training.  I mean, what gives, Japan?  It’s not like we’ve ever turned your people into an offensive stereo- what’s that?  Hold on, someone’s sending me a picture… Oh right.  Carry on then.

[via Twitch via RoboPanda]

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