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11.30.09 24 Comments

Aside from zombies, the two most overused elements in movies today are vampires and the post apocalypse.  Yet Daybreakers has them both and somehow still seems fresh.  Maybe it’s because of Willem Dafoe?  Anyway, this is the second trailer.  Basically, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke are living in a future that’s kind of like the vampire Matrix where everyone’s a vampire and humans are farmed for their blood.  Willem Dafoe is one of the last surviving humans and Ethan Hawke has invented a magic potion that turns vampires back into humans.  Also, there are crossbows.  Hopefully at some point, someone will ask Willem Dafoe how he plans to beat the bats, and he’ll be like “Easy. I brought my Hawke.”

Ow, shut up, I was already leaving.

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