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04.10.08 31 Comments

This is the trailer for Vice, starring Michael Madsen, a movie that’s impressive in its total generic-ness.

Let’s see: looking hard-boiled in a leather jacket during a rain storm under a full moon, the anti-hero having an epiphany while staring at a crucifix in a church… what other clichés can we stuff in there? *checks IMDB*  Ooh, characters named Walker, Sampson, and TJ – well done, sirs.  Oh well, if nothing else, I’m sure it’ll be great material for Madsen’s next book of poems.

Once I was in a movie
Starring ‘longside Daryl Hannah
Frontwards and backwards, her last name’s the same
That’s called a Palindrome!
I nearly exclaimed
And I said, I’m Michael Madsen,
M-squared is my rap name.

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