Watch This Drunk Dressed As Beetlejuice Wake Up After Passing Out In The Wrong House

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04.24.14 13 Comments


As the Bible says, let he who has never committed a mild felony while dressed in a silly costume cast the first stone. In this recently dug up YouTube video from 2010, a man confronts a drunk dressed like Beetlejuice who has broken into his house and passed out on the couch. See, this is why you never say Beetlejuice three times while chugging schnapps.

It may not be as epic as the Captain America who got arrested for groping women with a burrito in his pants, but the drunk is rather polite, and in his defense, his costume does match the couch beautifully.

“You’re about to wake up and get the f*ck out of a stranger’s house,” the homeowner says.

To which the drunk briefly looks around, taking stock of his surroundings to confirm this accusation, and says, “Oh I’m sorry. Sorry about that, dude.”

For most crimes short of rape and assault and murder, you should be allowed to plead “Sorry about that, dude,” at least in bro court.

The whole interaction seemed so polite that I was convinced this had to have been in Canada. But the guy in the costume is currently doing a Reddit AMA and he says it was in Minnesota. Eh, close enough. Minnesota is basically America’s Canada.

Says Beetlejuice:

Got a little too party for the party and when my friend dropped me off at my house, I was convinced it wasn’t mine, so I went around my house to the house exactly one block up and let myself in.

Hey, who hasn’t been there. Good thing this didn’t happen in Florida, we’d probably have a dead Beetlejuice on our hands.

[hat tip: DeathnTaxes]

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