VIDEO: Guy gets his nipple rings ripped out at The Gathering

(Obviously, don’t watch this if you don’t want to see nipple trauma. Also, there’s some swear words.)

I’ll be bringing you the next installment of our Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diary later this morning, but in the meantime, I’ve got some video highlights to tide you over, and perhaps explain why it takes me so long to write these up. Do you see the kinds of things I’m trying to explain and contextualize here? It’s not an easy task. The Gathering reminds of what an Auschwitz guard told Primo Levi in Survival at Auschwitz – “There is no ‘why’ here.”

Of course, the people at The Gathering are much better fed. In any case, to explain what’s going on here (if that’s even possible), there’s this big open air shed thing at The Gathering, and from there they broadcast Psychopathic Radio, which is hosted by these guys from Wolfpac. Wolfpac is this hip hop group, but they also release porn DVDs, and they have this posse of girls who strip called the Wolfpac Girls. The girls are more visible than the group, and it wasn’t until day three that I even realized the girls weren’t the attraction themselves.

Anyway, the guy in the video really liked Wolfpac and/or the Wolfpac girls, so to show his devotion, he let one of the girls rip out his nipple rings with her teeth. She washed her mouth out afterwards though, so everything was sanitary. Also, she has a degree in biochemical engineering. We asked her about it afterwards, and her official comment was, “If a guy wants me to hurt him, I’ll hurt him.”

I liked her.

Thanks to Matt Lieb for shooting this. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who’s on the fence about it.

[see also: The guy who cut off his nipples for $158. We saw him too, that was a different guy. He was letting people staple dollar bills to his back for a dollar.]