Making out with Katherine Heigl: A Video How-To

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10.06.10 30 Comments

In honor of Katherine Heigl’s new movie, Life As We Know It opening this weekend — you know, the one where she gets baby poop on her face — the folks at Nerve recently put together this little compilation of clips from Katherine Heigl movies that shows what it takes to make out with Katherine Heigl.  Basically, all you have to do is

  • Be a scruffy chauvinist, cynical but with a good heart
  • Get stuck with her for a while — car ride, car accident, blind date, new job, etc.
  • Use your boyish charm to teach her an important lesson about not taking life too seriously

Boom, next thing you know, you’re lockin’ lips with K-Heigz.  Though I don’t know why you’d want to.  Didn’t you see the part with the baby poop on her face?  Anyway, the point is, all Katherine Heigl movies are the same.  Haha, “Get out of my smart car!”  Classic!

I’ll do you one better, Nerve. Here’s every Katherine Heigl movie in a single picture:


(video via BestWeekEver)

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