WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence gets star struck meeting The Dude

People always seem baffled that the internet has collectively decided that we love Jennifer Lawrence and hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand: Gwyneth Paltrow sells $165 sweat pants and Jennifer Lawrence does stuff like this. Here, she squeals with glee when she runs into Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con, projecting outwardly the kind of excitement the rest of us would be feeling inwardly. Kind of what actors are supposed to do.

I’m sorry if it’s become a cliché, but watch this and tell me Jennifer Lawrence isn’t adorable. I swear to God I almost walked out of Silver Linings Playbook when Jennifer Lawrence propositioned Bradley Cooper and he turned her down. I don’t care if he was playing an escaped mental patient, I’d believe Robocop riding a velociraptor around Autobot heaven before I’d accept a guy turning down a night with Jennifer Lawrence. “OH COME ON!”

Jennifer Lawrence: She can make a white guy yell at the screen. (Gif on the next page)

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, I would gladly murder an Extra reporter for you. You know, if you’re into that. Meanwhile, Jeff Bridges seems to have no idea who she is, which is also charming in its own way.

And here’s the trailer for Out of the Furnace, the movie Bridges is talking about. I always enjoy it when someone expresses their enjoyment of something by whistling. “Is it good? Heck, man, it’s (*whistle*)”

[Extra via Buzzfeed. Gif via Buzzfeed]