Man At Grappling Contest Is Farted On, Causing Him To Both Submit And Vomit

This might be a little inside baseball, but a few years back on the Frotcast, we became inspired by Kevin James’ MMA movie, which we dubbed “Mixed Martial Farts,” and started pitching ideas for “Paul Blart Presents” movies, which, naturally, all involved farting. Mixed Martial Farts’s centerpiece scene was to be Paul Blart getting his hand raised as the ref said “Winner by… farting?”

Now that we’ve seen the above video… Mixed Martial Farts is real! It reportedly comes from the NAGA Grappling Championships in Vegas over the weekend. The competitor on top is working to pass guard, and the bottom guy starts working some rubber guard, looking for an omoplata. But before he can do much with it, the top guy weakly submits. Or… is he… actually wafting something away from his face? Oh God, he actually vomited on the mat. “He farted in my face,” he tells the ref. “You farted in my face, man,” he tells his opponent.

This is the most important sports moment of 2014. Yet another example of life imitating art imitating art with farts.

[hat tip: SBNation]