SUPERCUT: Great Moments in Animal Sports

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01.30.13 8 Comments
D’Barkashaw Fur-guson is the cuddliest linedog in the league! He plays left cuddle. Protecting the blind side.

I’d barely finished reading the title of NextMovie‘s latest supercut, “Great Moments in Animal Sports,” when I knew it was worthy of a FilmDrunk post. I mean, could this be any more up our alley? Let’s be honest, I once wrote a fictional career retrospective about the guy who directed Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch. I once interviewed a guy solely because he had a split-second cameo in a movie about a chimp hockey player where he was doing this:

So yeah, I like to think I know my way around movies about animals playing sports. A dog doesn’t so much as put on a sweater in this town without me knowing about it.

People like to make fun of Matt LeBlanc for being in that chimp movie, but you know else once starred in a chimp movie? That’s right, Ronald Freakin’ Reagan. And he went on to run an entire actor’s guild.

Dog porn parody idea: Barebutt: Golden Receiver.

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