SUPERCUT: Great Moments in Animal Sports

I’d barely finished reading the title of NextMovie‘s latest supercut, “Great Moments in Animal Sports,” when I knew it was worthy of a FilmDrunk post. I mean, could this be any more up our alley? Let’s be honest, I once wrote a fictional career retrospective about the guy who directed Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch. I once interviewed a guy solely because he had a split-second cameo in a movie about a chimp hockey player where he was doing this:

So yeah, I like to think I know my way around movies about animals playing sports. A dog doesn’t so much as put on a sweater in this town without me knowing about it.

People like to make fun of Matt LeBlanc for being in that chimp movie, but you know else once starred in a chimp movie? That’s right, Ronald Freakin’ Reagan. And he went on to run an entire actor’s guild.

Dog porn parody idea: Barebutt: Golden Receiver.