Video: Nic Cage Released the Pigs All Over a Romanian

12.14.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Nic Cage is in Romania shooting Ghost Rider 2 this week, and you would think he’d feel right at home there, given his well-known preference for bordello-style housing. (Bordellos are Romanian, right?  That sounds right.)  But judging by the video below, it appears that he got in some sort of fight, or loud argument there.  I like to imagine it was over poorly-made toast, and the part of the video you don’t see is him demanding to know why it might be burned.  Here’s some of what you do see:

Nicolas Cage:
“You know it! So do not try to escape! Otherwise, you kill me? F**k you! I die in honor! I could die right now! Want to hit me?”

Having a regular person pissed at you with bulging forehead veins is scary enough.  When it’s Nic Cage’s forehead, I imagine it’s like being face to face with the Wizard of Oz.

Nicolas Cage starts to walk away.
“Let me go! Do not touch me!”

“Look in my eyes! I’m not a liar! That man is a liar!”

“Get in the car! I’ll die in the name of honor!”

Haha, I love you grandiose actor tirades. This will probably make him the butt of easy talk-show jokes for years to come. ‘I’ll die in the name of honor!’ But I ask you this: how do we know he wasn’t just doing Bryan Adams karaoke? He was probably just talk-singing it, Shatner-style.

[via ComicBookMovie/LATimes]

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