Video: Nick Kroll Helps People Cope With Post Comic-Con Stress Disorder

With Comic-Con getting underway, we’re in for a billion-trillion-zillion jokes about nerds in costumes from every comic and “Twitter comic” under the sun (with SPF 2,000 protection) so I figured we’d get a little taste of that today with Nick Kroll’s fake PSA on how to deal with “Post Comic-Con Stress Disorder.” I like Kroll. He’s funny sometimes and Bobby Bottleservice still makes me laugh. I don’t know how I feel about him dating Amy Poehler, but that has nothing to do with his comedy.

But before I crowned this the funniest fake Comic-Con PSA that I’ll watch today, I also watched Ron Funches’ “Guide to Black Cosplay” and I’m pretty confident that it’s significantly better. But I’ll let you be the judges of that.

Here’s Kroll’s PSA…

And now here’s Ron Funches’ guide to black cosplay. In fairness, I’m a huge sucker for Colt .45 jokes.

(H/T to Slashfilm)