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01.05.09 21 Comments

Since I know how much all you FilmDrunkards love watching a shirtless, muscular Asian guy with flowing feminine locks work out, check out this training video.  It comes from 87 Eleven, the stunt coordinating team behind Ninja Assassin, the Wachowski siblings-produced, James McTeigue (V for Vendetta)-directed action film coming out later this year.

During the training, Rain [star of Ninja Assassin and a Korean pop star] has lived on the restricted diet of only chicken breast and vegetables for 8 months, trained for 10 hr a day and achieved the incredible body with 0% body fat.

I’m not a doctor (I just play one with kids from the neighborhood), but I’m pretty sure only mummies have 0% body fat.  Maybe the synopsis was written in North Korea.  Anyway, the video reminds me of the guys I see at the gym who train sword and stick fighting and pitch it like it’s some kind of self-defense.  Ahh, I see you’re practicing the ancient martial art of carrying a giant f-cking weapon around with you all the time. I think I read about that in Sun Tzu.

Tony Jaa > 87 Eleven

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