New Pacific Rim trailer: A Robot Beats Godzilla to Death with a Battleship

Guillermo Del Toro premiered a new full-length trailer for Pacific Rim at WonderCon recently, and now it’s available online, where you can watch it without delousing your neckbeard afterwards. If you’ve been living under a rock, or an active social life, this one’s set in a world where a race of Godzillas emerges from the bottom of the sea, and humans build giant robots to fight them. So basically, Godzilla vs. Robot Jox, aka the best idea ever. It’s the perfect escapist vehicle that asks, “What if we could solve our problems with a giant robot that punched them in the face?”

The new trailer features a lengthy expository sequence courtesy of, believe it or not, It’s Always Sunny‘s Charlie Day, and a shot of a giant robot framed behind a fluttering American flag that would make Michael Bay weep onto the head of the Ukranian supermodel blowing him. Have you ever wanted to see a giant robot hit Godzilla with a battleship swung like a baseball bat? Now’s your chance.

People keep suggesting “Pacific Rimjob” as a possible porn parody, but I submit to you: the subtler “Pacific Trim.”

Opens July 12th in the US.