Stephen Dorff is acting the hell out of this cigarette commercial

There are many surreal aspects to this commercial, the first one being that it stars Stephen Dorff, who could show up to his own party and have it be considered stunt casting. The second is that it’s a commercial for cigarettes (or more accurately, an electronically-lit, cigarette-shaped pipe thingy†), and you don’t see too many of those anymore, on account of the laws against them. The internet, man, it’s the wild west out here. But probably the most surreal aspect of it is that it’s a throwback to the times when all ads were about famous movie stars doing romantic things and living glamorous lives. Except in this one, the glamorous movie star is… Stephen Dorff, and the thing they’re romanticizing is… the shooting of their own cigarette commercial. Yeah, man, there are levels.

You know I’m able to hold the blu™ just like a normal cigarette, I just don’t have to light it, I don’t have to smell the fumes. I don’t have to bother other people. If I want to smoke in a restaurant I can do that. Some people might give me a weird look at first but they’re going to realize they don’t smell anything and that’s exactly what it is. It might cause a reaction but I think if anything it gives you an incredible amount of freedom as a smoker and for me while I still smoke I want that. So that’s why I really felt comfortable going into something like this. I’ve never done an ad like this or campaign like this. If anything there’s a lot of curiosity. People are like, “what is that”?. I say, “it’s the blu, it’s an ecig you know? You can get it at any Walgreens, you can get it online”. I like the original tobacco myself and I like the cherry probably are my top faves but there’s even new flavors I’m hearing that are coming out.

Everything I’ve done with blu so far from them loving what I did creatively to embracing us, has been so kind of organic and not really “corporate feeling” and it really feels natural and Rise From the Ashes which is the campaign slogan this year I think it’s such a great slogan because I think it’s an ash free product. It’s part of the alluring mystery behind blu and part of why I embrace it and why I think other smokers should try it. Rise From the Ashes.

Ahhh, “Rise from the Ashes,” like Stephen Dorff. I get it now. By the way, those aren’t just cutesy quotation marks around “corporate feeling,” he actually made air quotes with his fingers. Well, I’m glad I could take you all on this surreal journey with me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go fill my lungs with odorless, velvety e-smoke and experience the freedom that can only comes from a blu-cig. Mmm, welcome to e-flavor cyber country.

†They call it, get this, a “cig-style e-cig.”







Site News PS – Sorry my first post is so late today, I slept through my alarm by three hours and woke up not knowing what day it was. And I was sober. Seeing this commercial first thing in the am didn’t make it feel any less dream-like and weird either. And yes, I initially accidentally wrote this entire post calling him Skeet Ulrich. Jesus Christ.