Video: The Amazing Spider-Man Ripped Off a Videogame

Judging by the number of views on this video, there’s a decent chance you may have already seen it, but it hit while I was at Comic-Con and I was so busy taking pictures of Slave Leia sideboob and man gunt that I never got a chance to post it. Anyway, the story is, the trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man hit last week. It shows the movie retelling the origin story that the previous three (THREE!) Spider-Man movies already told for some reason, and the only thing that could be called even remotely new (aside from the additional hair Scarfield brings to the role) were the first-person shots of Spidey swinging through the city. Well apparently those weren’t new either.  And in fact look quite a bit like Mirror’s Edge, a video game from 2008. Someone on YouTube took the time to recreate the Spider-Man trailer using footage from the game and posted a side-by-side comparison. They’re so similar that you forget which one you’re watching. A live-action movie scheduled to be released in summer 2012 and a videogame from 2008 are similar enough as to be nearly indistinguishable. At this point, the “amazing” in the title is starting to seem like sarcasm.