Potty Mouth Tom Hanks says the F-Word on Good Morning America

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10.19.12 15 Comments

When Good Morning America invited America’s sweetheart Tom Hanks down to the studio to promote Cloud Atlas, they never expected him to come down and spew filth like a leaky sewer, but that’s exactly what he did. Sporting a pencil stache to play Walt Disney in Saving Mrs. Banks, Mr. Hanks said “buy me f-ing book” in a British accent, much to the chagrin of decorous folks everywhere. Get it together, Hanks! Can’t you let the nice ladies drink their breakfast wine in peace?! Oh wait, that’s the Today show. Eh, tomayto tomahto.

The gaffe occured after ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas asked Hanks to use the same British accent he uses in the upcoming film. Although Hanks playfully said the voice was used “mainly for swear words,” Vargas quipped back, “If you say it with an accent like that, they won’t know.”

But they knew. A few words later, Hanks accidentally dropped the no-no word.

“Man, oh man, I’m sorry,” Hanks said on the show. “I have never done that before. I want to apologize to the kids in America watching right now. And let me say the next time I’m on the show there will be a seven-second delay. … Man oh man.” [NBCPhil]

PEARLS. WERE. CLUTCHED. You know, I don’t really blame Tom Hanks for this, he’s just a sad symptom of society’s disease. He’s probably been listening his son‘s rap music. You know how impressionable actors are these days.

And by his son’s rap music, I of course meant his oldest son, Colin Shenanigans.

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