Tom Cruise's Oblivion stars Morgan Freeman in a cape and BRAAAHM sounds

It’s been almost three years since Inception came out, but you’d never know it by this week’s trailers, which are still helping Hollywood’s BRAAAAHM sound operators earn record profits. Didn’t Eisenhower try warn us about the burgeoning BRAAAAHM-sound industrial complex? I fear this has grown beyond our control.

Oblivion, from Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, looks like the kind of sci-fi movie designed for people who thought Looper wasn’t “space-y” or “future-y” enough (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It stars Tom Cruise as a droid maintenance man from a future human colony in space, who spends his days cleaning up the now-uninhabitable surface of the Earth. That is, until ONE DAY (*record scratch) he finds out, surprise surprise, there are still some people down there, and their thetan levels are off the charts. So Cruise orders up some personality tests, hooks everyone to e-meters, and gets them all to help make a recruitment video starring Will Smith’s kids. The video converts the whole galaxy and they all live happily ever after in a psychiatrist-free utopia ruled by Emperor Danny Masterson.

What would you call this, Wall E meets Prometheus? Wall E meets Avatar? Hmm. You guys discuss while I enjoy this picture of Morgan Freeman in a cape.

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