VIDEO: Twogging = Twerking at your dog + Morning Links

Our friend Oliver Noble put together this supercut (with inspiration from @thetwoggfather) explaining the phenomenon of “twogging,” aka twerking at your dog. As someone who can take the feathers off a bird at 50 paces using nothing but the air from my hip thrusts, I approve of this. |HuffPo|


|FilmDrunk| Rum and Rom-Coms: Alison Stevenson gets drunk to Pizza My Heart. “Whose sauce are you tasting, Gina Prestolani?”

|Uproxx| Patton Oswalt’s incredible fake TED talk.

|WarmingGlow| Five minutes of Stephen Colbert wonderfully breaking character.

|KissingSuzy| Ranking the 10 most entertaining one and done playoff losses of the last 20 years.

|GammaSquad| The sh*t nerds never say.

|UproxxVideo| Honest trailer: The Walking Dead.

|SmokingSection| Eminem raps real fast in “Rap God.” Must be off the pills.

|TheSuperficial| Owen Wilson knocked up a pregnant chick. Oh you dirty dog you.

|TheChive| The “downblouse” is my new favorite photo style.

|deathandtaxes| Women calls police to say she’s too drunk to get out of her car, promptly charged with DUI.

|IDLYITW| Here’s what a complete and utter plane passenger freakout looks like. If that was a Muslim dude he’d probably have been choked to death by now.

|BroBible| Teacher who posed for Playboy before becoming a teacher fired from teaching job. Every asshole superintendent who makes a hypocritical bullshit decision like this should be banned from looking at naked pictures forever.

|Guyism| The world’s most adorable Tae Kwon Do fight.

|Pajiba| Donald Glover’s troubling reasons for leaving Community. Wait, Community is still on?

|Buzzfeed| 21 times the Simpsons bizarrely predicted the future.

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