Vin Diesel And Jason Statham Shared A Glass Of Wine For 'Fast & Furious 7'

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10.28.13 12 Comments

Vin Diesel and the Staif

Vin Diesel leaked the above image from the set of Fast & Furious 7 on, where else, his Facebook on Saturday, and naturally all the Vinheads went crazy bonkers bananas at the sight of a true thespian really getting into his role with another master craftsman like Jason Statham. While we don’t know exactly what these two great action stars were discussing, Diesel did offer us this minor description

One from the set this week F7…

You could hear a pin drop…

P.s. Going over the scene… Fine-tuning… the quiet before the storm.

I love that he uses “P.s.” for the part that actually describes what is happening in the picture. He’s so f*cking poetic that he’s like, “True genius… two minds become one… you can’t tell where our passions end and out characters begin… P.s. This was a cake we bought for Doris, the costume designer, for her last day on the set before retirement.”

I think the least surprising aspect of this picture, though, is that Diesel drinks wine while going over script notes. He’s such an incredible artist.

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